My Recent Artwork (sketches and such)

Hullo, everyone! Welcome back! Apologies for not posting last. week. I know I said I would, but I didn’t have enough time. :/

Today I am here with some recent artwork that I thought y’all might want to see. Let’s jump right in! 😀

White - Large - 1028x172

Pencil Work:


This is supposed to be a flower that was planted in a tin can. I hope you can tell. XD


Yes, I am aware that this girl is kind of creepy, and I messed up a bit on her neck. Actually, my mom drew shape out for me, and I did all the shading and lighting. XD


This was a little doodle I did randomly. I just thought it was cute. 😉


Yes. This is odd. I drew giant lips. XD I just wanted to see if I could get the shading right, and I guess I did all right (?).


I’m really proud of this one. If you aren’t sure what it is, it is eos lip balm (honeydew flavor, which is, like, the best one). I’m really proud of the thumb imprint. XD

Pen Work:


So, this one isn’t actually in my sketchbook. It’s on my math textbook. I like to decorate my school notebooks because it makes me feel more motivated to complete my homework. :p Anyways, I decided to draw a simple hot air balloon with the words “fly away”, and it turned out really cute. 😀


Sorry, this photo is a bit blurry. This was just a little bit of font work with doodles on the side. :p

Digital Work:


This one was something random I did in ten minutes. It’s not very good, but I still like it. 🙂


This is a silhouette with lyrics from Grace Vanderwaal’s song, Florets.I finally finished it this month. XD I’m really proud of the hands. XD

White - Large - 1028x172

I hope y’all enjoyed! Please lt me know if you would like to see more artwork in the future. 😀 Have a wonderful day, Hoodians!

Do you enjoy art?

Any tips for me?

Which was your favorite drawing?



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